November 16, 2008

Free Movie and TV shows at Youtube

Youtube, one of the top social media sites in the internet world today. Thousands of visitors coming from different country in the world are going in to Youtube. Even new talents in the entertainment industry were discovered through Youtube. Here's the latest clip about Youtube:
If there was ever any doubt that online video is here to stay, look no further than today's announcement that YouTube will now show free full-length movies and TV shows in a deal just reached with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. Google, the owner of YouTube, hints that other such deals are to be expected soon.
Expect to see the first movies streaming by January as Google responds to competition from online rivals like, the year-old streaming video service partially owned by NBC, which already streams shows from NBC, Fox and CBS.
The MGM movies on YouTube will be free, with brief commercials interspersed as is done on Hulu. Don't expect the latest. Most will be old films and series from the archives, like 10-year-old episodes of "American Gladiators" and a a handful of golden oldie films, like the "Magnificent Seven," "Legally Blonde" and "Bulletproof Monk."
Still, it's a start and more evidence of how the Internet is now a serious rival to cable, satellite and over-the-air TV

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