November 19, 2008

YouTube – Obama’s Secretary of Video

YouTube is a popular video sharing site which was created last February 2005. It is one of today's most trendy and influential social networking sites. In fact a lot of talented individuals especially in the entertainment industry were discovered through YouTube. Even the newly elected President Barack Obama is conquering YouTube since presidential campaign is going on. Because of the use of internet he made it on the position and his team will keep on utilizing the internet media to deliver his messages to the public.

Being elected as the newly President of the United States, Obama appoints YouTube as the "Secretary of Video". His Presidential weekly address will be viewed on YouTube from time to time. President Obama's first weekly address already reached 834,991 views from November 14-19. Maybe days from now, there will be a "White House" channel on YouTube exclusively for Obama's Administration.

Upon YouTube's appointment, rumors are buzzing around on why he favors YouTube among the other video-sharing websites. But… whatever the reason behind its back, respect is important. We all have our own choice of decision. And for Obama's Administration, people all look forward for a positive change in all aspects.