July 14, 2008

Fruit of TEAMwork

Theme: "Teamwork is Team's Success"

This is the theme of our thanksgiving celebration held last July 11, 2008. The achievements we have right now pays tribute to each member of the theme. Each of us plays vital role in team's success, thus we deserve to celebrate. Competition is tough but we all manage to pass it! Kudos to everyone!

July 9, 2008

Paperless Cash Advance

There’s no need to panic and break into cold sweats when you find your wallet out of cash when you need it the most. You can get loans from lenders that offer payday loans to let you get the cash you need in such a hurry. Plus! the knack of it, you can even do it online! Easy, quick in an instant and totally no fax cash advance! Get your needed cash advance in an instant. There’s no need for you to fill out lengthy forms that takes your time and ink! You need not lift up the phone and contact offices to be answered only by voice machines just to get your application sent thru fax. You can just visit the web and do the click and in an instant, you can avail of no fax cash advance. Most people nowadays prefer to get quick cash advance thru online application where forms are readily available and can be accomplished in just a few minutes. You only need to have a regular and steady source of income of at least $1,000 per month, with a deposit account where loaned money can be credited to. There’s no need even for checking of credit history and bad credit record need not cause your loan to be disapproved.

Get Insured

Nowadays, you cannot just risk being unprotected from sickness, calamities, mishaps or even death. You need to protect your properties, your self and your family. Online insurance companies rise in order to answer the need of every individual from cases of hazards, loss of life or properties. Insurance is a safety net, where an individual may be protected thru an insurance company in exchange of a premium. It is paid to people or companies who made pre-payments to an insurance company. The insurance rate is a factor that determines the premium. You may avail of insurances for health, home, life, car, etc depending on your need. Because of the many existence of many insurance companies, it is best to select which one offers the highest and best insurance quote. There are companies online that help every individual search through insurance quotes from different insurers available on the internet. It is even made easy and fast. In an instant you can best select which insurance company to go to and what are the best deals offered for you. The insurance quotes you get are for free and are made available by multiple insurance providers. Thus, you can better study, compare rates and premiums and finally select.

July 8, 2008

Cigarettes banned!

Cigarettes bannedCigarette advertisements are now being banned on radio, print ads, television and other forms of advertisement. This is in accordance with Tobacco Regulation Act of 2003 or Republic Act No. 9211. The number of people who are smoking are now increasing especially to the young people. If no actions will be made, this will continue to rise which is not good. Cigarette companies and even the people are already aware of the effects that they can get such as lung cancer and emphysema. Why do they still sell cigarettes? Indonesia, Cambodia, Burma (Myanmar), Malaysia and Philippines are among of those top ten advertisers in cigarettes. The banned of cigarettes on advertisements can help lessen the population of people who smoke. Hopefully not only on advertisements cigarettes will be banned but also the manufacturing and selling of cigarettes should be stop!!!

July 7, 2008

Wheel Deal

The use of cars is unquestionably a necessity in order to survive in day to day living. In today’s fast paced lifestyle where every second counts, one cannot compromise productivity and quality way of life. These days, in response to the need of every individual for a car, owning one is even made easier and hassle free. Getting a car need not be close to impossibility! Whether you are planning to own a brand new car or get by with a used but functional one for a very reasonable rate, you can do so easily and even get the best auto deals either in cash or thru auto loans. However, getting a new car loan is perhaps the best way to own one, because it is the quickest and wisest way. Nowadays you can even get a loan for car online! Get your loans for either a new car, a used car or even refinance an existing loan thru online auto loan. Going online is better than thru auto dealerships which add up interest for profit. Loan for car gives better interest rates, instant approval without many restrictions on credit background or bad credit, faster and easier way to save money.

Debt-free Disposition

Most people nowadays resort to lending and credit to make ends meet on financial needs. Though it comes as quick solution and promises fast and convenient answers to budgetary needs, most often it also leads to problems resulting from high interest rates applied by credit companies which make it even more difficult for the borrowers to pay off their credits. When interests rates rockets high to the sky, debt becomes out of control and paying on a monthly basis becomes almost impossible. Debt reduction is the best solution and is the primary aim and goal of every individual buried in debt. However, debt reduction takes a great deal of discipline, skill, coaching and help from experts. Because of this growing need among millions of people in debt, companies that offer help thru consultations rise to help. There are some who even offer debt reduction consultations for free. Most people do not know how to reduce their debts and often creditors are not too willing to lend a helping hand and an understanding disposition. Debt reduction professionals and consultants offer a great deal of help even online and walk through with each client in achieving financial freedom and a debt free future.

July 4, 2008

Quick Cash thru Payday Loan

Short on your budget? Bewildered by unforeseen emergency financial need? Worry no more! You may avail of no credit payday loan in an instant with no frills. Payday loan is a short term loan intended to cover expenses until the borrower’s next payday. You just need to be of legal age, have a checking account and a steady source of income for you to avail of a quick solution to your financial needs. No credit payday loan requires no more checking on credit history of the borrower. Nowadays you can even do the loan online for fast, simple and convenient money transaction. You can even have your needed cash within the same day that you applied for the loan. You may apply a loan from any of the payday lenders that offer the best interest deal. Annual interest rates applied to payday loans vary from company to company. Most lenders usually require only the personal information and checking account of the borrower. The lender may contact the employer only on cases which employment needs to be verified. To pay off the loan, the lender is secured against the borrower’s paycheck or thru postdated checks on which the loan is to be paid off.

July 1, 2008

IT Health Concerns

Information technology is in demand today. A vast of career opportunities have been lined up for computer enthusiast. But, people engage in IT works should also be keen enough to be responsible for their health.
Here are some of the top ten IT health concerns:

1: A slug’s life >> When the only body part you move in your job is your mouse finger, you just have to take fitness into your own hands. Do you have to train for a marathon to lose some weight? Not at all, according to Dr. James Levine of the Mayo Clinic. He found that the time spent sitting was more likely to correlate with weight gain than the lack of vigorous exercise. You can keep slim, according to Levine, by walking slowly (about 0.7 mph) two to three hours a day.

2: SIT happens >> Weight gain can creep up on you, but it’s not an emergency in itself. A much more serious hazard of office work is seated immobility thromboembolism (SIT). This problem occurs when blood clots form in the legs (deep vein thrombosis) or lungs (pulmonary embolism) in people who spend a long time sitting.

3: So many headaches >> From the flicker of fluorescent lights to the hunched-up debugging posture, the conditions of your cube farm conspire to cause headaches. Pagers, end users, and the threat of outsourcing provide additional stress to kindle a dandy migraine or tension headache. Downing Tylenol or ibuprofen several times a week can backfire by making your pain more tenacious. If you get in a pattern of frequent headaches, see a doctor to get out of the rut.

4: The bobblehead syndrome >> Do you nod off frequently at your desk and perhaps even have brief dreams? These episodes, called microsleeps, may indicate you’re sleep deprived. It’s natural for the human body to crave a siesta after lunch, but excessive daytime sleepiness needs to be treated. Most adults need seven to eight hours of sleep a night, so simply going to bed earlier may be all you need.

5: Hurting hands >> Although your hands and wrists may be sore from intensive typing, there’s not a whole lot of evidence to link keyboard use to carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). A 2007 study of men who worked at video display terminals found an association of CTS with high body mass index (BMI) and job seniority — but not with specific tasks related to computer usage. Still, many conditions other than CTS can make your hands and wrists hurt, so it’s wise to check with your doctor to try to get some relief.

6: Relax harder >> How is it that sitting on your chair and looking at a monitor can make your back, neck, and shoulder muscles feel like you’ve spent eight hours painting a ceiling? Your tense posture may be part of the problem. Improving the ergonomics of your work area may help take the stress off your upper body. Try not to transfer the tension in your mind to your muscles and take a break now and then to unclench.

7. Noxious invaders >> The dry air of a typical office certainly doesn’t help your immune systems ward off your coworkers’ coughs, but hey, at least you’re not sitting in a daycare center. There are hundreds of cold viruses, plus several influenza viruses each year.

8: Eye strain >> Watching a backlit screen two feet away for four hours at a time isn’t really natural, is it? So it’s no surprise that people in IT complain about irritated eyes and declining visual acuity.

9: Heavy lifting >> If your job requires you to lift, lower, and/or carry equipment around, you might find yourself battling back pain. Maybe you spend your days installing workstations or inserting/removing computers from racks — and if you’re used to the work and know the right way to protect yourself in the process, you might not have any problems at all. But if it’s an occasional task, or if you don’t follow some basic precautions, you could wind up with a painful injury or chronic back trouble.

10: Something in the air >> If you work on a lot of systems, you’re no stranger to dust. Even a well-maintained machine in a clean, ventilated area is going to pull in plenty of it. And if you work on customers’ computers or make a lot of workstation calls, you’re going to feel like Tom Joad before long.

Source: 10 IT health risks — and how to combat them