August 17, 2008

KC-Richard, For the First Time

KC-Richard tandem will soon be view in the movie screen "For the First Time". Both of them are excited on doing the film. Will this love team turn into reality? Well, everyone should catch this movie in theaters soon.

Here's an overview about the movie:
For the First Time is a love story between two headstrong people with two very different concepts of how to live the perfect life. KC plays a character not unlike her real life persona. She takes on the role of Sofia, a young, rich and beautiful career-oriented girl with the picture perfect life. Fia grew up in a household with a disciplinarian dad (played by Philip Salvador) with everything in her life being orderly and carefully planned. Richard takes on the role of Seth, a confident, happy-go-lucky playboy whose concept of a perfect plan is to have no plan at all. In other words, he is the total opposite of Fia. Seth just wants to enjoy life and not face the real world just yet. This brings him to faraway Greece, where he crosses paths with a vacationing Fia.
The exotic isles of Greece provide the perfect romantic setting as the two travelers find themselves falling in love at the place where they least expected it. Can the perfect little rich girl find the courage to come out of her comfort zone for the love she never thought she’d find? And can the handsome playboy finally be man enough to finally take life seriously?

Article source: ABS-CBN Entertainment


Meia said...

seems like a good movie and the story too. But i think i like AVSL better. :)