February 19, 2008

Benefits of Viral Linking

Do you want to improve more your rankings? This is called as viral linking, a good start to increase the number of your rankings in technorati and alexa.I got this tag again from my friend Charise. All you need to do is to TAG 5 bloggers, just keep on adding the list below, DO NOT REPLACE nor delete. Just add your link below :)

The following links are the people who have made a contribution here:
The Strategist Notebook *Link Addiction *Ardour of the Heart *When Life Becomes a Book *The Malaysian Life *Yogatta.com *What goes under the sun *Roshidan’s Cyber Station *Sasha says *Arts of Physics *Dagboek *Dutch converted Asian *Enjoy Your Meal *And the legend lives *My View, My Life! *Pusang Maganda *Spontaneity *Maruism *Wapita *Unforeseen Existence *Ako ay Tamad *The Balmy Zephyr *bhabypau *KiCHi *Mae-Mae *Gayle *Karen Dayle *http://phinkness.com/ * Karen -AP- * pinkyish *Kritz *Ninah * Laine * Youngmaze* Homeworked * Expressions and Thoughts* Lalaine's World *Pinaymama's Diary * Poray's Thoughts, * Alaverde33, * Denz Techtronics, * Denz Recreational Blog, * My Expedition in Life, * Pinoy Delicacies *Friendship Thoughts*, *Online Diaries*

I'll share this tag to catsy, mr.nice guy, jazzy, julai and dhelyo.